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    Our goal is to focus on these 3 Essentials to build a confident and happy life for the youth we work with: 

    1. Health

    2. Guidance

    3. Experience 


    Health: Oral Hygiene

    For every product that we sell, we currently donate a dental kit including a toothbrush and toothpaste to an at-risk youth organization.  

    All dental kits are donated based on the needs of the organizations listed below: 

    Why is Oral Hygiene important? (there might be a brief commercial)

    Guidance: Mentorships*

    What do we mean by Guidance? 

    We believe mentorship, accountability and guidance are very important in the developmental stage of these kids lives.  We are currently researching mentorship programs that we can assist and help fund.

    Experience: Internships*

    Once the youth is back on their own or reintroduced into their family's lifestyle, income can become an issue very quickly. In order for the youth to be self-sufficient, they usually need a job.  In order to get a job, they need experience.  In order to combat the notorious cycle of low paying jobs, so we are in the middle of creating an internship program for at-risk youth who need to build their resumes.

    *Coming Soon

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