The Problem

homeless youth

[hohm-lis] + [yooth]

noun, plural

  1. An unaccompanied male or female under the age of 21.
  2. lacks a safe, fixed, regular and adequate residence or family.
  3. forced to couch surf and stay with family and friends.
  4. lacks a postive role model or mentor.


The Problem

  • Unstable Family
  • Financial hardship
  • Fear of friends at school knowing the reality
  • Lack of positive role models, parents or mentors
  • No accessibility to resources 
  • Drugs and Alcohol 
  • No safe place to sleep
  • Issues with school attendance 
  • Struggles with sexual identity
  • Can't live on their own, outside of care. 

Emotional Needs

  • Confidence
  • Learning to Love Themselves
  • Stability 
  • Acceptance
  • Guidance
  • Love

Physical Needs

  • Nourishment
  • Daily Hygiene 
  • Preventative Dental Care and Education
  • Consistent Medical and Mental Health Check-ups and Education
  • A "Home"

 Did you know? 

  • Children who experienced neglect and physical or sexual abuse were 26 times more likely to become homeless as adults.
  • The pursuit of education was cited by youth as one of the top three strategies for exiting the cycle of homelessness. 3/4ths of the homeless youth surveyed were not in school.
  • Over 90 percent of the youth surveyed in Voices from the Street identified a specific career goal as their exit out of homelessness. Many youth cited a strong desire to “give back” or help others in similar circumstances.
  • People experiencing homelessness consistently rank healthcare alongside paid employment and housing as a primary need. Increased access to mainstream health services has the potential to prevent or end homelessness for youth suffering from physical and mental health disorders.
  • The number one recommendation for policy change identified by youth surveyed in Voices from the Street was to undo the criminalization of homelessness, which they saw as exacerbating their housing instability. In No Way Home: Understanding the Needs and Experiences of Homeless Youth in Hollywood, the 2010 report by the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership, nearly 70% of homeless youth surveyed had prior involvement in the juvenile justice system.

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