Scott Simock

1. Hometown?
Funkytown AKA Neffs, Pennsylvania.
2. Who inspires you?
If I were to pull a name out of the pool of insanely awesome people who inspire me, it wouldn't feel right. Over the years I've been inspired time and time again by men who treat women with only the most love and respect, men who work and align their actions to serve others, and who give their energy tirelessly into what they believe it - no matter what it is. My dad, my grandfather, Carlie's grandfather and father, my friends at wayfarer entertainment, Dave Robertson, Travis Van Winkle, Sam Baldoni...the list goes on and on. My closeness with them builds my character and provokes me to be the best man I can be too. The intention is not to replicate them but to align myself with the energy they're working with. Specifically the last 6 years of my life has given me so many great examples of what it means to be a man in the modern world. It's pretty rad to notice I'm most impacted by my friendships with other men. I didn't realize it before now. I realize now I'm most greatly inspired by the men I know personally.
3. Pinetrees or Palm Trees?
There's something that calls to my heart when driving around back country roads on a cool fall day. Specifically what always catches my attention is the smell of pine. I feel at home. No disrespect to the Palm tree. Pine just has the best scent of all time.
4. Where have you been dying to visit?
Right now, Nepal. Im currently leading a team there in LA to Nepal next year to build a primary school. For a solid 4 months it's been buzzing my entire being and I really can't wait to get there in the village and start building.
5. Converse or Boots?
Can I say Vans? My feet are too fat for converse. Boots are rad - Ive worn them for most of my life, but I grew up where boots served a purpose aside from looking cool. Along with the palm tree, no disrespect. I've been here in LA 6 years now. Maybe it's time I bit into the boot game? 
7. Favorite Smile Life Product?
The Classic shirt is flawless in my opinion. It's become my uniform. As long as it doesn't smell funky, I'm wearing it.
- Scott Simock, Photographer