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    Meet our Patient of the Month

    Daniel is a baby boy from Tanzania who needs $609 to fund adenoid surgery.

    12% Funded

    $75 Raised, $534 to go.


    10% of purchase goes to patient

    Meet Daniel

    Daniel is a charming 10-month-old baby boy from Tanzania. He was born a healthy baby, but after a few weeks, he developed a cough and was snoring at night.

    Daniel’s troubled breathing interrupted his sleep and often made him feel sick. He received medication, but it did not help, and Daniel kept getting worse. His parents brought him to our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), for further evaluation and treatment.

    Daniel was diagnosed with infected adenoids, masses of soft tissue behind the nasal cavity, and surgery was recommended to remove them. Daniel is scheduled to receive his adenoid removal surgery on May 25, and AMHF is requesting $609 cover the total cost of the procedure.

    After his surgery, Daniel will be able to sleep well, eat, and have a healthy childhood. “Please help my son get well. He does not sleep or eat well,” says Daniel’s mother.

    10% of each purchase this month goes directly to Daniel

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