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    1. Hometown?
    Costa Mesa, CA 
    2. Who inspires you?
    Judah Smith, because his passion for Jesus, his family & friends, and life in general is contagious. Go follow him on snapchat if you want to laugh.  Kobe Bryant has always inspired me as well because of his work ethic and determination to succeed. #MambaMode
    3. Pine Trees or Palm Trees?
    I naturally always fall for a place with palm trees.  Surfing is my happy place and its usually easier to find a good surf spot with palm trees vs. pinetrees.  But I do love a good cold water surf and I love a night under the stars among the pine trees. Fun fact that most people don't know: I am an Eagle Scout. 
    4. Where have you been dying to visit?
    Australia. Tasmania, Sydney, Gold Coast, Bondi, Brisbane, Melbourne.  I've had family who's lived there for like 20 years and have never gone to visit. Crazy right? They've visited us but I think its time to pay our dues. 
    5. Converse or Boots?
    This is a tough one.  But Converse or PF Flyers are usually my go-to everyday shoe.  
    6. Favorite Smile Life Product?
    I create all the products, so they are all my favorite! That's a dumb answer, but we have some amazing new hats coming that I currently wear just about everyday
    -Kyle Lawrence, Founder of The Smile Life

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