The Smile Life | Carlie Casey
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    1. Hometown:
    2. Who inspires you? 
     I was born into a family of people who inspire me constantly, all in their own unique ways. My grandparents have always, even in their physical passing, provided the most inspiration for me because they so beautifully found the balance between giving, and experiencing. They were the most engaging wonderful people, who always worked hard to create opportunities for other people, and I'm so amazed by how well they were able to do that. To this day, people who knew them approach my family with new stories of how they showed up for them in one wonderful way or another and that to me is the ultimate legacy to leave behind; how you treated people, how you really made them feel. 
    3. Pine trees or Palm trees?
    I grew up around more pine trees, which provide major nostalgia for me, but I will say I love the feeling of possibility palm trees give me. When we moved from Minnesota to California to pursue acting, one of the first images that rattled my bones were the sight of these enormous wonderful Palm trees and I suppose that feeling has always lingered. So, both!
    4. Where have you been dying to visit? 
    Australia! I can't even give you an exact reason why, I've just always wanted to go there. Oh, and Paris. I have a dairy and wheat allergy and I've been told others who share the same allergy have gone there and been able to eat both to NO detriment so I'm holding out major hope for that. 
    5. Converse or boots? 
    I went from a converse gal and made a natural progression to being a boots gal. Black boots 4 life. 
    6. Favorite smile life product:
    Honestly the hat is cosmic gold to my soul. It genuinely brings me joy when I wear it. And I feel like a sailor too which is an added bonus. 
    - Carlie Casey, Actress

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