Case of The Mondays XI

Case of The Mondays XI

March 21, 2016

Talking Shop with...

Stewart Ramsey, Co-Founder at Krochet Kids

If you guys aren't familiar with Krochet Kids, you should click the link above and familiarize yourself. Krochet Kids are leading and innovating the conscious fashion world by empowering women in Peru and Uganda to rise above poverty.  Their products and programs are one of a kind and unique.  One unique added touch is that every product is hand signed by the person who made it. We are lucky to have Krochet Kids close as friends and support The Smile Life.  

1. Hometown? 

Colbert is most accurate. But Spokane, Washington.  

2. Who inspires you? 

First, it's not who but what! I’m inspired by redemption, it’s the most beautiful thing. I am inspired by most people but really inspiration comes by hearing or witnessing  the against-all-odds triumph of the human spirit. Finally nature - she’s wild and strong and majestic and beautiful.

3. Pine Trees or Palm Trees? 

Both. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I truly enjoy a woody pine. But being imported to Southern California for College I find the allure of the palms harder and harder to leave. 

4. Where have you been dying to visit? 

I’d really like to get back to the Indian Ocean. I’ve not been in those waters since 2009. I’ve also been thinking that I’d like my mid-life crisis to involve summiting some peaks. Big ones. But I think the Lost Coast is the next trip on the calendar. 

5. Converse or Boots? 

Neither. I wear Nike’s. Black ones, almost exclusively. I have boots I got married in and Cons from a thrift store. But I pronate, I need that supportive and functional sole.

6. Your favorite Smile Life Product? 

My Smile hat. 


See ya next week friends!


-Kyle Lawrence, Founder at The Smile Life


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