Embrace The Adventure: Tulum, Mexico

Embrace The Adventure: Tulum, Mexico

January 22, 2016

Embrace The Adventure

Our Adventure through Sian Kaan, Tulum, Mexico:

"Back in December we took a family trip to the Yucatan Peninsula just south of Cancun.  One day we packed up for the day and we drove about 30 minutes from our condo to the town of Tulum.  At the south end of Tulum, starts Sian Kaan, a biosphere reserve known for its clear waters, beautiful mangroves and under water cenotes. We adventured out into the waters on a 20 foot panga boat led by a local captain who was an expert on the area.  Our goal of the day was to find the "1 mile long float" down the mangroves in the crystal clear waters of Sian Kaan.  Where you basically sit on a life vest, put your feet up and float down a natural "lazy river" as you are surrounded by miles on miles of mangroves and wetlands. But to get there, it wouldn't be as easy.  

We spent about an hour cruising at top speeds through the mangroves that were no wider than 10 feet.  The waters went from salt water to crystal aqua clear fresh water as we ventured farther into the biosphere.  We finally arrived at the wooden planked dock which apparently was just the beginning of our journey to "the float".  We exited the boat, put on our sandals and were told to follow the the wooden planked trail until it ended.  The captain stayed in the boat and would wait for us to finish the float.  We hoped for a little bit more information but "Hey, it's Mexico." Excited for the float we started walking with no hesitation.  

About 20 minutes into the walk, we realized this wasn't the walk we expected. We walked the planked trail (pictured) for nearly 2 miles. As hard as it was, we trusted we were going the right way and EMBRACED THE ADVENTURE we were on.  Nearly 30 minutes in, we finally made it to the area were you can jump in (literally) and start the float.  It was clearly evident once we arrived, it was all worth it.  No joke, one of the best experiences in my life.  

Life can be a lot like this simple adventure.  The journey called LIFE is not easy, stick to the plan, commit to the process and EMBRACE THE ADVENTURE your on.  It's always worth it."

-Kyle Lawrence, Founder


See more photos below:


Pictured: Spencer and Trevor Lawrence

Pictured: Trevor Lawrence









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