The Case of The Mondays Club VI

The Case of The Mondays Club VI

January 18, 2016

Talking Shop with...

Jack Garell, The Smile Life Staff Photographer

Instagram: @jacknewport 

"So I've known Jack for awhile now. He's been a good family friend and I got to know Jack pretty well through coaching him in volleyball.  Around the time I was coaching Jack, Jack had just gotten his first camera, although I could be wrong. I was pretty impressed at the time that a 13 year old kid was picking up photography.  But how long would he pursue it?  Almost 5 years later, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Jack's account.  His visual aesthetic and layout on his feed blew my mind.  At that time, I was in need of quality content and reached out to Jack pretty much instantly.  Jack, only 17 years old, has a great eye for his age and a super bright future ahead. He's definitely a leader in the millennial photography boom. Read our quick Q & A below! "

-Kyle Lawrence, Founder


1. Hometown?
Newport Beach
2. Who inspires you?
Photographers for Vogue
3. Pinetrees or Palm Trees?
Palm Trees
4. Where have you been dying to visit?
The Maldives
5. Converse or Boots?
Boots 100%
6. Favorite Smile Life Product?
The black smile crew neck for sure
Check in next week for another Case of The Mondays Club Member Feature,
Have a good week! 

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