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    Smile Life News

    The Smile Life Pool Party Recap

    Hey Guys!

    Last weekend we kicked off Summer with a bang in the heart of Hollywood at Eastown's Rooftop Pool. Our expectations were blown out of the water.....literally as hundreds of people attended to enjoy bar drinks thanks to Saucey and Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Guests enjoyed tacos, grilled corn, a pool filled with some many hundreds of beach balls, live music and DJ sets from Mallory Velvet, Pleasure Principle, Curt Reynolds, Solar Sons and Luna Aura.  We built a pop-up store where guests had could shop for their Summer essentials from My Willows Eyewear, Swim Like a Mermaid Swimwear and The Smile Life Hats and Goods.  The best part, it was all for a good cause.  We were able to raise money for our giving partner Safe Place for Youth based in Venice, CA.  


    If you missed this event, it's ok, we'll forgive you. There's a good chance we'll do it again! But in the meantime, we have a video that'll teleport you back to last weekend an a instant. Enjoy!

    Special thanks to Eastown, We Came in Peace and Cole Kiburz for all the effort made, in order to make this event as successful as it was. 

    -Kyle Lawrence, Founder

    Hey Friends, We're on Snapchat!

    I would love to share with you what goes on behind the scenes here at The Smile Life. You deserve it! Check out the video below of my trip taking dental kits up to the LA Youth Network office house in Hollywood. See more on Snap Chat!

     Have a good weekend,


    Kyle Lawrence, Founder


    Conscious Coachella Style Guide

    Back in December, I was looking towards the future and my plans for 2016. As I looked at my calendar and tried to brainstorm surf trips, music festivals, etc. As I looked towards spring, its hard not to think about Coachella. An event that happens every year and excites so many people for so many different reasons. Over the years, Coachella has not only become one of the world' largest music festivals but has organically created its own fashion, easily created its own industry and has definitely supplemented the local Southern California Economy. I started to think about the festival and how I could integrate The Smile Life but at the same time bring light to this festival by promoting what's good. Festival Fashion Guides are all the same. Every single year. You go through a slideshow of boring photos taken of celebrities or models seen at last years festival or out eating brunch in Hollywood. There are so many great brands out there doing great things, so why not introduce these brands and what they do to a group of consumers who care and are searching for the next cool thing to wear. Want to impress your friends? There is nothing for impressive than looking good while wearing products that have a greater purpose. Enjoy! The Conscious Coachella Style Guide is here!

    Case of The Mondays XI

    Talking Shop with...

    Stewart Ramsey, Co-Founder at Krochet Kids

    If you guys aren't familiar with Krochet Kids, you should click the link above and familiarize yourself. Krochet Kids are leading and innovating the conscious fashion world by empowering women in Peru and Uganda to rise above poverty.  Their products and programs are one of a kind and unique.  One unique added touch is that every product is hand signed by the person who made it. We are lucky to have Krochet Kids close as friends and support The Smile Life.  

    1. Hometown? 

    Colbert is most accurate. But Spokane, Washington.  

    2. Who inspires you? 

    First, it's not who but what! I’m inspired by redemption, it’s the most beautiful thing. I am inspired by most people but really inspiration comes by hearing or witnessing  the against-all-odds triumph of the human spirit. Finally nature - she’s wild and strong and majestic and beautiful.

    3. Pine Trees or Palm Trees? 

    Both. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I truly enjoy a woody pine. But being imported to Southern California for College I find the allure of the palms harder and harder to leave. 

    4. Where have you been dying to visit? 

    I’d really like to get back to the Indian Ocean. I’ve not been in those waters since 2009. I’ve also been thinking that I’d like my mid-life crisis to involve summiting some peaks. Big ones. But I think the Lost Coast is the next trip on the calendar. 

    5. Converse or Boots? 

    Neither. I wear Nike’s. Black ones, almost exclusively. I have boots I got married in and Cons from a thrift store. But I pronate, I need that supportive and functional sole.

    6. Your favorite Smile Life Product? 

    My Smile hat. 


    See ya next week friends!


    -Kyle Lawrence, Founder at The Smile Life


    Case of The Mondays X


    We're back! Talking shop with...

    Grant Templeton, PR Guru at The Smile Life and Avid Rock Climber and Instructor. 

    Grant and I have known each other for a long time.  We went to elementary school with each other.  We went separate ways in high school and college but rekindled later as I was looking for PR assistance and he was just moving home from a stint between London and San Francisco working for different PR firms.  His mom so happens to be a dentist, Grant's a perfect match for The Smile Life.  If you have any interest in climbing, Grant is the guy you want to meet.  Head over to Rockreation in Costa Mesa and he'll show you how its done! 

    Instagram: @grantamis

    1. Hometown?

    Born and raised in Newport Beach.

    2. Who inspires you?

    I'd say Alex Honnold, the guy you've seen on 60 minutes climbing Half Dome without a rope or any sort of protection. He's inspiring not only from his strength but to have the ability to keep your cool with 1,500ft + below you is something else. 

    3. Pinetrees or Palm Trees?

    All about those Pine trees and mountains

    4. Where have you been dying to visit?

    Thailand, I've always wanted to climb those massive limestone towers scattered across beautiful beaches. 

    5. Converse or Boots?

    I'm more of a boot person. 

    6. Favorite Smile Life Product?

    I'm in love with the sweater, by far the softest / comfiest thing in my closet. 
    See ya next week fellas! -KL
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