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    Smile in The Wild with Natalie Hagglund

    Hi guys, its Kyle here and I recently had the pleasure to sit down and catch up with current Team USA Libero and Former USC star Natalie Hagglund. Living, working, and performing at the Team USA level is no walk in the park. In my interview with Natalie she speaks on simple ideas on how to find joy among a busy life, how to stay connected with family and simple ways to give back.  Life can be crazy, but it comes down to how you handle it.  Click on the video below and tune into my interview with Natalie.

    -Kyle Lawrence

    Kaleigh Gilchrist Finds Happiness In Generosity

    Amidst year round training, winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Rio de Janeiro and traveling the world on the Women's Professional Surf Tour, Kaleigh still manages to make time for friends and family. How? Kaleigh has made sure no matter the intensity of her schedule, she will make time and effort. Now that is a generous heart. Generosity doesn't require money, it starts with your heart. Click the video to see my entire conversation with Kaleigh about her career, her business and what really makes her smile.

    -Kyle Lawrence

    MTV Awards, Prosthetic Arms and A Life Worth Smiling About.

    Getting to know Ben Nemtin, Creator of The Buried Life

    Hey Ben, I'm curious, do you have a story when you used your SMILE to get out of trouble? 
    Years ago, before the MTV show, we wanted to cross off 'Walk the Red Carpet' so we crashed the MTV VMAs in Vegas wearing colorful matching woman's suits we found at thrift store. We pretended we were shooting a pilot for MTV and bum-rushed the VIP entrance. We got on to the red carpet and actually made it into the awards. I actually made it into the press room and interviewed a bunch of artists and two reporters from InTouch asked me where I got my suit. Anyway, eventually we got busted by the producer of the show who finally realized we were nobody but somehow we charmed our way out of not getting arrested with a few smiles. The irony of that story is we actually ended up using that footage in our pilot that we ended up selling to MTV.
    With The Buried Life Project you guys did a lot for others, Whats the best gift you've ever given or a moment of generosity that really stands out? 
    We found a #HandForTorri hashtag on Twitter and learned that it was a group of friends who were trying to get their friend Torri a bionic arm. Torri was born with one hand and her dream was to have a bionic arm. These arms are really expensive so her friends banded together to raise awareness and hopefully find a way to get their friend Torri a bionic arm. When we learned what was going on, we contacted Hangar Clinics who make the best bionic arms in the US and told them Torri's story. They actually gave us an arm and donated the physical therapy time that would be needed for Torri to operate the arm. We then surprised her with it and followed her as she used the arm for the very first time. Her friends were there, as well as her dad... it was incredibly moving. Here's a short video we made of Torri's story, it probably articulates it much better than I can:
    For how busy you are, you're a super positive guy, how do you do it? 
    I try to meditate once a day but sometimes I only do it once a week. It's one of those things that has a greater impact the more you do it but life tends to get in the way. I think it's important to have some quiet time with yourself, even if you can't do it everyday. Something as simple as just putting down your phone and sitting by yourself for a few minutes helps slow you down enough to remember that we're pretty lucky to be alive.  
    Last question, If you were to die today, would you say you lived a life worth smiling about? 
    Yeah, I think so. I'd be pretty upset but I'd smile looking back. I think that's why my friends and I asked ourselves the question, 'what do you want to do before you die?' 10 years ago. We didn't want to look back at our lives and regret not doing the things we actually wanted to do. Thinking about death has a funny way of sobering you up enough to realize what's important and in turn, you think about life. That's the cool thing about death, it reminds you that your time is precious so why not make the most of it?
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    Andrew "The Ox" Oxenham

    Los Angeles, CA (born and raised!)
    28 years old
    What's your 9 to 5?
    I’m the Don Draper of Social Media (aka I do marketing and copywriting)

     Where do you find joy (your happy place)?

    I find my happy place in the aimless. Bear with me. There are wonderful, deep, beautiful things about this world, those (of course) make me happy. A long, wholehearted laugh. A perfect temperature’d day. But the aimless, those little, tiny things that our brains say ‘don’t matter’…observing those things is my happy place. An old, sagging cafe in the heart of a small town. A sun-bleached sign that used to proclaim the wonder of the store it stands above. The way a fern softly blows to-and-fro in the courtyard of an ancient bank. These aimless, tiny, magnificent details, observing them is my happy place. 

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